We handle the full spectrum of family law matters.
We handle the full spectrum of family law matters with an emphasis on:

Difficult cases require extensive experience and we specialize in these types of cases, including false allegations of sexual abuse or domestic violence, or helping a recovering alcoholic or drug abuser retain custody or visitation rights.

In short, if you have a difficult family law issue, we can help and we will zealously represent you during this difficult time.


1. Starting the Divorce Process
Becker Family Law protects the rights of people who are facing marriage dissolution in Texas. Through dedicated representation now, he can help you establish a firm foundation for your life going forward.
2. High Asset Divorce
Asset division may seem straightforward during a divorce, but high-value or complex assets can add certain complications to the process. There are certain assets, such as a business partnership, that the other spouse cannot own. Instead, he or she can be compensated with other assets.

Marital Property Division

1. Your Home and Assets

Whether your case involves custody, property or both, you will likely have temporary orders. Temporary Orders are just that, temporary. They set out a guideline for how bills will be paid, where the children will reside and who will remain in the house.

A good result in the temporary orders hearing or agreement is crucial, particularly in custody cases. Temporary orders are often a clue to the disposition at the final hearing.

2. Complex Property Division

Dividing assets and liabilities in divorce is a complicated process for any couple. It's especially challenging, however, when a married couple has accumulated substantial assets.

Child Custody and Modification

1. Child Custody Disputes

Today's courts do not automatically favor the mother or the parent who makes more money in determining child custody. The yardstick is which parent is better able to "be there" to provide daily care, attention and stability. When it boils down to why the other parent isn't fit for custody, things can get nasty.

Whether you are seeking primary custody, sole custody or maximum visitation, Becker Family Law, will fiercely fight for you and the best interests of your child.

2. Texas Child Custody Modification

Whether you are petitioning the court for a custody modification or attempting to block a former spouse's request for a custody modification, it is important to have an experienced family law attorney who can provide dependable legal representation. At Becker Family Law, conveniently located in Prosper, Texas, we represent clients in post-divorce modification matters, which primarily focus on child support, child custody and visitation, and spousal support.

Family Law Appeals

1. Family Law Appeals

Sometimes a trial does not go as planned. The trial court must make difficult decisions involving your children and the division of the marital estate. Trial Court Judges in Texas are very well experienced and, in a vast majority of the cases, try to apply the law to the facts of your case and make the best decision possible. Judges are also human and make mistakes. At times, they make mistakes on the application of the law to a complex or detailed issue. Other times, they do not give the testimony and evidence the weight that they should and abuse their discretion when they make orders.