Spying on your spouse

Spying on your Spouse During a Divorce

Texas readers know that divorce is a complex process, one that is fraught with challenges and complex decisions. These complications can increase dramatically when there is contention between the two parties, and this can lead to the temptation to turn to certain technologies to track the other party. Thanks to GPS systems and applications that […]

parenting plan

Resolve Disputes with a Parenting Plan

The thought of going through the divorce process with your spouse may understandably be heartbreaking. However, even more heartbreaking may be the realization that your children may suffer negative impacts by the breakup of your marriage. Fortunately, most cases involving child custody in Texas are resolved before they have to proceed to court. This is […]

How does a felony affect your custody case

How does a Felony Affect your Custody Case?

When you have a felony on your record in Texas, you may not always consider how this will affect your child custody. Usually your particular situation determines whether you can have custody of your child. Sometimes you can retain custody of child if your felony did not harm your child in some way. A court […]

Cyber Stalking by ex

Cyber Stalking by Ex

If you are a Texas resident who has been the victim of domestic abuse, you may have gotten an order of protection against your spouse. You may even have moved to a new home, gotten a new job and filed for divorce. Nevertheless, you may have the feeling that your soon-to-be former spouse has not […]

Can I move out of state

Can I Move Out of State with Our Children?

If you are a divorced Texas parent who is contemplating moving to another state due to a job transfer or some other reason, you need to be aware that Section 153 of the Texas Family Code creates a presumption that the children should not be moved from the other parent. Actually, it may be your […]


Caution: Consider All When Adopting a Stepchild

When you get married in Texas, your new wife may have children from a previous marriage. In some situations, you may want to adopt these children. Keith D. Becker, is available to assist with your questions about this process. There are a few things you usually need to take into consideration when you want to […]

Basic Guide to Review before Hiring Lawyer

A Basic Guide to Review Before Filing for Divorce

“Trust Me It Gets Better” No good marriage has ever ended with divorce.  This period in your life can feel overwhelming and confusing.  I understand. The process of selecting an attorney to dealing with custody issues and property division are difficult decisions to make.  The questions you will have will be specific as well, for […]

Before you File for Divorce

Before You File for Divorce

If you are thinking of filing for divorce, you should answer a few questions before serving the petition so you are more prepared. Deciding to file for divorce is not something that you should do hastily, given the many ways that divorce impacts your life. You can make sure that you are more prepared to […]

Is Premarital Agreement for you

Is a Premarital Agreement for You?

As times change, so does your need for premarital financial protection. A generation ago, prenuptial agreements were commonly only used in marriages where there was a significant income or net worth disparity between the parties. The “average” couple wasn’t as likely to draft an agreement on their, instead relying on the Texas legislature’s concept of […]

Hiding Assets in Divorce

Hiding Assets in a Divorce

Not disclosing all financial assets can result in severe punishments Divorce may signal the end of a romantic relationship for most couples, but as far as the law in Texas is concerned, it is the end of a financial partnership as well. As such, during a complex divorce litigation Texas, full financial disclosure is not […]